Reasons Why You Should Visit Malacca

This city was once a big economic hub for Southeast Asia with its strategic location. It is located in the southwest part of the Malay peninsula and now it offers not only richness in culture but also foods. It is Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage City.

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Vacation in Singapore: the 24,000 Steps

Imagine a small city, that is also a country. It is also a very multicultural country, in which Chinese, Indians, Malays and Europeans lives but speak not their native language but English. The country is über-modern but it is also traditional and historic. It’s no other than Singapore.

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Looking for the Long-Lost Ghost at Lawang Sewu

Imagine you have a big building in your city that has been there for, let’s say, 110 years. At night, there are no lightning at all, and people around there offers you a night tour around the building because they said that it is haunted. How would you feel? That was what happened in Semarang, Central Java. The city has a building called Lawang Sewu which was believed to be haunted. But fear not–it has recently been revitalized and the ghost are gone!

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A Brand New Balinese Adventure!

Last December (whoa, it’s late, I know), I got the chance to visit the island of the gods, Bali with my family. We did a new kind of adventure in Bali, things I would never thought I would do and it opened my eyes of Bali. Now let’s begin, shall we?

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The Jakarta Trip: The Monas, The National Museum and the Old Town

I’ve never thought that Jakarta would be a new experience. My whole life, I’ve visited the capital more than ten times since my grandmother and relatives live there, but when I went to Jakarta with my class, I felt a new experience. For the very first time, I visited the Monas – the National Monument, the National Museum and the Old Town of Jakarta, which was beautiful. Literally.

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What to Expect When You’re Coming to Italy?

Everybody knows Italy. Name the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Italy’. Mine was spaghetti, pizza, pasta, Rome, Venice, gondola. So does the rest of the world, I think. The first thing that comes to your mind – or the stereotype – can sometimes be something that is so…… annoying.

But really, what to expect when you are coming to Italy? (This can be a reference for tourists or also a future exchange students)

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There’s Nothing Like (the First) Home

I’ve reached the coda of the music that I do in Italy and now I’m going back home to Indonesia. Anzi, I am now home in Indonesia (and I haven’t even finished the A Lot of Poco – Poco Trip in Sicily, Pt. 2!). What does it feel right, coming back home after being away for about ten month? Strange!

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